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We desire that this website would help us to get closer to our customers and to serve them better. This website will act as a platform for us to share all our details regarding our offerings and help customers quickly get in touch with us for all their needs including sales and support. In this website you will also find information about Interschool chess competitions in South Australia – SA Schools Teams Chess Championships, Holiday Chess Program for Kids, Private lessons, and Chess Links from South Australia and greatest chess sites from Around the World.
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Why are we passionate about chess?

Chess is a noble game in the world of sport. It is the most popular mind game in the world. The game has been played since the 6th century AD and  is still fascinating the people across the globe and is the subject for medical research professionals and computer engineers. Chess game in one fun activity that exercises the brain. Just as physical exercises help a person keep his muscles and bones fit and healthy, playing chess helps a person exercise his brain and keep it fit and healthy. Playing chess will strengthen kids mental capabilities and make brain a healthy one. A good game of chess is equivalent to a visit to the gym for having a workout of aerobic exercises.

Our Formula

Student is a HERO.

Coach is a GUIDE.

A Guide helps a hero to become his best version of himself and achieve success.

Free Chess resources and information

  • Chess learning materials

Check our website for free chess lectures, chess puzzles, online chess exercises, free chess games, chess rules, free chess openings, chess tactics, advice on how to play chess against computers (Talminator) and much, much more.

  • Tournament advice and tools

If you wish to start a chess club or run a tournament in your school or chess club you are welcome to download and use Chess School  Free Resources and learn Laws Of Chess.

Planning to run a tournament in your school or organization? You are welcome to use our Swiss Online Tournament Manager.

  • Chess News

Our website also provides information about Interschool chess competitions in South Australia – SA Schools Teams Chess Championships.

Chess Events

On Saturdays we run Chess Club for Kids at the Box Factory community building in the city.
We also have an online chess club for kids which enables players to learn and play from the comfort of their homes in a fun and convenient manner.
During the school holidays we run Holiday Chess Program for Kids at The Chess Centre in City and at Mawson Lakes library.