The King Hunt

The King Hunt

The greatest collection of the king hunting games

For all the talk of strategy, checkmate ends the game. And hunting the enemy king is the first and final love for many chess players, the ultimate essence of the game. The high stake sacrifice, tenacious defense and the brilliant finishing move are a major part of many of the most beloved games in history. Now Mato Jelic, the hugely popular chess coach, has produced an extraordinary 17 hour investigation and training into the art of the King Hunt. Over 300 games are examined as Mato deconstructs some of the greatest attacks ever played, teaching you how to win games in the most satisfying way imaginable! By the end of this course, you will have absorbed hundreds of tactical ideas and patterns for winning with attacks on the castled king and sacrifices on each of the classic target squares f7, g7 and h7. Want to win more games with exciting onslaughts and create works of art you’re proud to show to others? Learn the art of The King Hunt with Mato Jelic!

The King Hunt DVD

The King Hunt DVD


Chapter 1: Attack on the uncastled king (73 games) Chapter 2: Attack on f7 (76 games) Chapter 3: Attack on g7 (88 games) Chapter 4: Attack on h7 (74 games)

Learn how to annihilate the defences protecting the king

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About The King Hunt


– Spotting tactical motifs

– Sharpening your tactical skills

– Typical defence breaking sacrifices

– How to weaken you opponent’s castle

– Improving your arsenal for attacking the king

– You will learn how to demolish pawn structure: f7, f2, g7, g2, h7, h2, f6,
g6, g3, h6 and h3

– Studying these games helps you become a stronger attacking player

The King Hunt is packed with the greatest chess moves of all time

Sample games from the DVD






The King Hunt will make you stronger attacking player

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