The King Hunt

The King Hunt

The King Hunt DVD Part 2

1. The ability to successfully attack your opponent’s king is an essential skill for any ambitious chess player.

2. To develop a good sense of when to start an attack, how to build up an attack, when it is best not to start an attack, and to improve your attacking abilities, you need to absorb and study plenty of attacking patterns.

3. Throughout this course, Mato Jelic provides you with hundreds of tactical patterns to study and later recognize in your own games. Tactical pattern recognition helps you to improve your calculation as patterns you’ve noticed in the past come to your mind in your games.

4. Mato Jelic’s examples in this course are well-structured and based on five elementary attacking patterns like the sacrifice or h7/h2 or the sacrifice on g6/g3. This structure follows simple tactical concepts which leads you to find more targets in own games. By absorbing as many of these patterns as possible, you’ll be able to identify pieces or squares which are perhaps exploitable. This can also help you to spot the not-so obvious moves.

5. You’ll also learn key insights about the coordination of your pieces. It’s essential to remember that tactics occur when pieces are in the right places, on active squares. When you have the right structure, with pieces working well together, you will find the tactical shots that decide games

The The King Hunt Course

The King Hunt

The King Hunt DVD

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The greatest collection of the king hunting games

For all the talk of strategy, checkmate ends the game. And hunting the enemy king is the first and final love for many chess players, the ultimate essence of the game. The high stake sacrifice, tenacious defense and the brilliant finishing move are a major part of many of the most beloved games in history. Now Mato Jelic, the hugely popular chess coach, has produced an extraordinary 17 hour investigation and training into the art of the King Hunt. Over 300 games are examined as Mato deconstructs some of the greatest attacks ever played, teaching you how to win games in the most satisfying way imaginable! By the end of this course, you will have absorbed hundreds of tactical ideas and patterns for winning with attacks on the castled king and sacrifices on each of the classic target squares f7, g7 and h7. Want to win more games with exciting onslaughts and create works of art you’re proud to show to others? Learn the art of The King Hunt with Mato Jelic!

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The King Hunt will make you stronger attacking player