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Helping Students Sharpen their Chess Skills in Adelaide, SA

Chess School SA, a leading chess coaching service in Adelaide, is now providing world class online as well as in person training to their students in Adelaide Metro and South Australian Country Schools. This popular training school is owned and managed by Mato Jelic, a distinguished professional chess coach and the creator of one of the largest YouTube channels related to chess.

Professional chess trainer and the author of two popular books on chess, Mato Jelic is making a positive difference in the lives of all chess enthusiasts looking to master this exciting game in Adelaide, SA. Through his training school Chess School SA, Mato is now offering training classes throughout the Adelaide Metro and across the Country Schools in South Australia. Private chess lessons are also offered at the home of the students and via Skype. Mato also runs several chess learning programs for kids with the goal of building the champions for the future.

The success and popularity of Chess School SA can be attributed to its impressive line-up coaches that are dedicated to helping students improve their game by working on the best openings and strategies. The creator of the world’s most popular YouTube channel related to chess, Mato is a familiar name in the online chess fraternity. This channel is an excellent place for the beginners as well as the intermediate players, with hundreds of chess videos.

“As chess is an exceptional mind game, it requires a large amount of skill and practice as well as strategy,” Mato explains. “There is more to chess strategy than many people think and with these free chess videos you can learn how to play chess like a champion in a very short period.”

The official website of Chess School SA was created by Mato to provide a plethora of chess related information and resources under the same platform. The website’s own Chess Shop is packed with chess books, chess sets, boards, clocks, pieces, programs, and much more. Individuals looking to start a chess club or tournament can learn the laws of chess in this website. Latest and reliable information related to the interschool chess competitions in South Australia are also available here. The website also has tons of chess puzzles, lectures, exercises, games, and strategies. Chess learning programs and videos created by Mato Jelic have received accolades from millions of chess enthusiasts around the world.

“Thank you for all these videos; you are certainly the most popular. I extremely enjoyed the comments of all those who follow you,” comments a highly impressed student. “I totally agree with the fact that you are best on the net to produce quality videos that help us enormously to understand a little better the fascinating world of chess.”

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About Mato Jelic:
Mato Jelic is a highly experienced professional chess coach and the founder/owner of Chess School SA. He is the author of two chess books, and offers free online chess lecture via his YouTube channel that happens to be one of the world’s most popular channels related to chess. Born in Croatia, Mato is now a resident of Adelaide, South Australia.
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