Full Year Schedule

Full Year Schedule

Full Year Schedule of SA Interschool Events

SA Schools Teams Chess Championship

Interschool chess dates 2019

School Term 1

Glenelg PS: 2nd of April (Tuesday) Week 10

Glenelg PS:  3rd of April (Wednesday) Week 10

Whitefriars School:  5th of April (Friday) Week 10

Tyndale Christian School: 8th of April (Monday) Week 11

Southern Vales Christian School: 9th of April (Tuesday) Week 11

Burnside Primary School: 10th of April (Wednesday) Week 11

School Term 2

Glenelg PS:  18th of June (Tuesday) Week 8

Glenelg PS:  19st of June (Wednesday) Week 8

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel PS:  21st of June (Friday) Week 8

Tyndale Christian School:  24th of June (Monday) Week 9

Southern Vales Christian School:  25th of June (Tuesday) Week 9

Rose Park Primary School:  26th of June (Wednesday) Week 9

School Term 3

Glenelg PS:  16th of September (Monday) Week 9

Southern Vales Christian School:  17th of September (Tuesday) Week 9

Glenelg PS: 18th of September (Wednesday) Week 9

Whitefriars School:  20st of September (Friday) Week 9

Tyndale Christian School: 23rd of September (Monday) Week 10

Rose Park Primary School:  25th of September (Wednesday) Week 10


Interschool at Tyndale CS in school term 1,3 and 4 is open to secondary schools

Interschool at SVCS in school term 1,2 and 3 is open to secondary schools

School Term 4

State Finals:   Tyndale Christian School  28thof October (Monday) Week 3

Adelaide Nth Super Finals (secondary) 28th of Oct (Monday) Week 3

SA Interschool Blitz Championship

Venue: Southern Vales Christian College ( Morphett Vale) 25th   of November (Monday) Week 7

SA Schools Teams Chess Championships” is a chess organization that runs Interschool chess championships in South Australia.

About Interschool chess-SA Schools teams Chess Championships

  • Minimum 2 players and  maximum 20
  • All Zone events run from 9am to 1pm (Barossa 10am-2pm)
  • Entry fee $22 (GST free) per player – 17 per player for Host School
  • There is no registration fee
  • Prizes awarded on the day, plus a certificate for every player
  • Zone Winner will qualify for the State Finals in School Term 4
  • All players play 7 games-15 min per player per game
  • All equipment provided by Chess School SA
  • These tournaments are played once per School Term
  • You don’t need to pay in advance. Schools will be invoiced after the event.