Real Life And Online Chess Training

Adelaide kids can now opt between real life and online chess training

The global Covid-19 pandemic has defined a new normal, where an increasing number of activities can be performed both online and the traditional way, from shopping to learning, and from paying bills to entertaining ourselves. Chess is one of the activities that have entered a new digital era due to improved livestreaming technology and video game culture.  More than playing chess against a computer or a human opponent, those who love this ancient game can now access online training and competitions if they need to stay isolated.

Chess School of South Australia have quickly adapted to recent restrictions related to the Covid-19 outbreak by setting up online chess playing platforms. These new solutions enable players to learn from the comfort of their homes in a fun and convenient manner. An online chess training session consists of two parts, coaching and playing games, and provides benefits such as receiving ratings, learning how to analyse your games, and progressing fast.

This solution has been developed to keep ensuring chess training services to children throughout the coronavirus crisis, as kids still need to exercise their mental muscles regardless of current events. “Children are taught to think first, and then act. Chess helps develop patience, thoughtfulness, and improves social skills”, said school founder Mato Jelic. He added that “our students need the mental stimulation more than ever after the difficult lockdown last autumn and they were happy to be able to continue their training.”

The surge of online chess does not eliminate the demand for real life chess training and playing, and naturally both parents and children prefer real life chess events whenever it is possible. The real life chess club runs on Saturday and welcomes children from Adelaide and the surroundings.

Chess School SA is a leading provider of chess coaching services in Adelaide, South Australia. The School is combining modern chess training with the Russian methods for training chess players. They teach chess in Adelaide Metro and in South Australian Country Schools. Private chess lessons are available too, either at student’s home or by Skype.

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Chess for kids

Chess Club For Kids

Chess Club for Kids at Box Factory
Venue Details
Box Factory Community Centre
Phone: 0435062283
Address: 59 Regent Street South Map

Day: Saturday (No club during school holidays)
Time: 4pm-6pm
Cost: $30 (A block of 2 sessions $50)
50% discount for a second child

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