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Hello Mato Sir, we haven’t met each other but I have been following your YouTube chess video & learning from them. I have increased my rank from 900 to 1500+(In & that is because of you. Your videos are short, precise yet very instructive with bit of humour too. People have addiction of gambling/smoking/drinking but I am now happy to say I’m addicted to your YouTube chess lecture..Thanking you for all your hard work & dedication. Wishing you good health, wealth & lots of happiness.

I have been following mato’s videos for quite some time now…He makes the best youtube chess videos and i specially love his videos..they r short yet detailed….he also lets us decide on finding KILLER MOVES and i love it when he says….CHECKMATE….Sir mato is a genius in the field of chess…i wish him all the best in the future

Hi Mato, this is Rafael.

In this commentary I wish to show you how your hard work touches so many people around the world.
There are no words to explain the feeling of listening to such a genius like you humbly lecturing all those unbelievable games like it’s no big deal. The way you make simple to understand such complex games makes us feel more intelligent than what we really are. The way you ask us to pause the video and try to find the KILLAH MOVE, fills us with passion when we really find the move.

Mato, you have the ability to lift people spirits. You have the mind of a genius and the simplicity of a pawn. For this, we all wish you the best life a simple genius like you could ever have. The life of happiness in the small things, and the life of big accomplishments.

Thank you for being there for us Mato! Thank you very much.

Martin Moore, Manager