Online Chess For Kids

Online Chess For Kids

Chess Coaching And Tournament

Play against other kids on a safe chess playing platform

Learn chess from the comfort of your home

Learn new chess strategies in a new way

It is fun, convenient and inexpensive


Our Online sessions have 2 parts:

  1. Coaching
  2. Playing games

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We Play In A Kid Safe Mode

For playing chess games we are using a KID MODE lichess platform.

This mode is all about children safety

if you don’t have an account we can create one for you.

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June Events:

Chess workshop for Kids

Theme: The Art of Attack

Chess Course: The Art of Attack

Theme: The Art of Attack

Coaching by Webex is followed by playing games

Event                                      Date                                   Time

Chess workshop for kids  3rd of June  (Wednesday)
Chess workshop for kids  6th of June  (Saturday)
Chess workshop for kids  10th of June (Wednesday)
Chess workshop for kids  13th of June (Saturday)
Chess workshop for kids  17th of June  (Wednesday)
Chess workshop for kids  20th of June (Saturday)
Chess workshop for kids  24th of June (Wednesday)
Chess workshop for kids  27th of June (Saturday)


Online Chess Club for Kids
is run by
Chess School
PO Box 314 Salisbury SA 5108
Ph/Fax: 08 81826975
Mob: 0435 062 283
Email: [email protected]

June Events

Online Teams Chess Championships

Join a team or play for your school

Online chess tournament

Online tournament

July events

Holiday Chess Program

Take part in HOLIDAY CHESS PROGRAM organized by Chess School SA. You will learn chess Openings, Middle games, Endgames, chess strategies and tactics.

Your chess knowledge will increase and you will become a better chess player!

Holiday chess program is a great activity for students to be involved in during the school holidays. Children will exercise their mental muscles while having fun.

Suitable for under children 5 -17 years

7th and 8th July 2020

Time: 10am-12 noon

Cost: $20 for one day or $30 for two days

After the payment we will send you all the log in details


Online chess for kids

Chess School online chess club