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Mato Jelić (Croatian, pronounced [mato jěːlitɕ]), born in 1965 in Drenovci, Croatia, is a professional chess coach and author of two chess books. He is also the owner of a highly successful YouTube chess channel and chess tournaments organizer.


Jelić was born in Drenovci, Croatia, to a Croatian father and a Serbian mother. He was raised by his grandmother and started playing chess at 10 years old. He holds a high school diploma in oil and mining exploration.

Jelić speaks Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin and English.

Since 1987 Jelić has resided in Adelaide, Australia.

Chess coaching

In 2005 Jelić suffered a car accident which forced him to look for a new job that required less physical activity. He started playing chess again at the Chess Center in Adelaide after a 16 years long break and immediately after was offered a chess coach job.

He opened his chess school in 2007 and teaches approximately 500 students from different schools across South Australia, as well as a number of students from different countries taking courses on Skype.

Mato Jelić’s YouTube channel has more than 87,000,000 views and has been active since February 2011.


Mato Jelić is the author of two chess books, The King Hunt and From Novice to Advanced in 7 Days.


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