Holiday Chess Program for Kids

Holiday Chess Program for Kids in South Australia

 More details About The Holiday Chess Program:

Enter Online pay on the day
Suitable tuition and activities for ages 5 – 17
Schedule for 2018

 Venue 1: Chess Centre of South Australia

 1st floor, 10 Ranelagh St, Adelaide

 Dates: 18th of April 11th of July  3rd of October 19th of December
 Start 10am 10am 10am 10am
 Finish 3pm 3pm 3pm 3pm
 Cost $55 $55 $55 $55

 At lunch time we will have a free Pizza 

The cost for both days is only $80

 Venue 2:  The Mawson Centre

 2-8 Main St (Mawson Lakes Library) Mawson Lakes SA 5095

 Dates: 19th of April 12th of July4th of October 20th of December
 Start 10am NA 10am 10am
 Finish 3pm NA 3pm 3pm
 Cost $55 NA $55 $55

Why is this HOLIDAY CHESS PROGRAM so popular?
Here is the reason:
Playing with giant chess pieces
Great chess lessons-learning  tricks and traps to beat your friends and enemies
Fascinating chess  stories  from around the world
Simultaneous Chess displays – prizes for the best players
Lightning Chess, Transfer Chess and  Novice chess tournament
Lots of prizes to be won

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