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Stockfish (Computer) vs AlphaZero (Computer)
AlphaZero - Stockfish Match 2018 London ENG
French Defense: Alekhine-Chatard Attack. Albin-Chatard Gambit (C13) · 1-0

Holger Namyslo vs Ralf Lau
Dresden op 1996, rd 3
French Defense: Normal Variation (C00) · 1-0

Elisabeth Paehtz vs Alexandra Kosteniuk
Cairns Cup 2019, St Louis, MO USA, rd 1
Benoni Defense: Fianchetto Variation (A62) · 0-1

Alexey Sokolsky vs Abram Yakolevich Roizman
Minsk, USSR 1958
English Opening: Anglo-Indian Defense. (A19) · 1-0

Christopher Woojin Yoo vs Yannick Gozzoli
PRO League Group Stage 2019
The Spanish Game

Sergei Movsesian vs Nicholas Rosenthal
PRO League Group Stage 2019
French defence [C02]

NN vs Lionel Kieseritzky
Paris 1846
Russian Game: Damiano Variation. Kholmov Gambit (C42) · 0-1

London Chess Club vs Paris Chess Club
Correspondence game 1834, London ENG vs Paris FRA
French Defense: Exchange Variation (C01) · 0-1

Jose Raul Capablanca vs George Alan Thomas
Hastings 1919, Hastings ENG, rd 4
Spanish Game: Berlin Defense. Hedgehog Variation (C66) · 1-0

Emmanuel Schiffers vs Mikhail Chigorin
St Petersburg 1897, St Petersburg RUE, rd 13
King Pawn Game: Damiano Defense. Damiano Gambit Chigorin Gambit (C20) · 1/2-1/2

Nigel Short vs Eduardo Blank Goncalves
Clock Simul 2001, Sao Paulo BRA,
Pirc Defense: Kholmov System (B07) · 1-0

Manfred Eiber vs Ewald Gossmann
Nuremberg op, Nuremberg (1) 1987
Pirc defence

Nigel Short vs Richard J Miles
London 1976
Pirc Defense: Kholmov System (B07) · 1-0

Vladimir Kramnik vs Garry Kasparov
Kasparov - Kramnik Classical World Championship Match (2000), London ENG, rd 10,
Nimzo-Indian Defense: Normal Variation. Bernstein Defense Except Gligoric System (E53) · 1-0

Ivan Saric vs Daniel Fernandez
PRO Chess League 2019
Sicilian defence

Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand
Tata Steel Masters 2019, rd 10
Spanish Game: Morphy Defense. Tarrasch Variation (C77) · 1-0

Sebastien Maze vs Daniel Gutierrez Olivares
Gibraltar Masters 2019, Catalan Bay GIB, rd 1, Jan-22
Sicilian, Closed (B23) · 1-0

Viswanathan Anand vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
Tata Steel Masters 2019, Wijk aan Zee NED, rd 8, Jan-20
Caro-Kann Defense: Advance Variation. Botvinnik-Carls Defense (B12) · 1-0

Teimour Radjabov vs Vidit Santosh Gujrathi
Tata Steel Masters 2019, Wijk aan Zee NED, rd 7,
Queen's Gambit Declined: Ragozin Defense. Alekhine Variation (D38) · 1-0

Aron Nimzowitsch vs E Verner Nielsen
Simul 1930, Copenhagen DEN
Caro-Kann Defense: Karpov. Modern Variation Kasparov Attack (B17) · 1-0

Magnus Carlsen vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
Tata Steel Masters 2019, Wijk aan Zee NED, rd 6,
Queen's Gambit Accepted: Classical Defense. Main Lines (D27) · 1-0

Jorden van Foreest vs Magnus Carlsen
Tata Steel Masters 2019, Wijk aan Zee NED, rd 5,
Sicilian Defense: Lasker-Pelikan. Sveshnikov Variation (B33) · 0-1

Alexander Alekhine vs Emanuel Lasker
Zurich SUI 1934, rd 12
Queen's Gambit Declined: Orthodox Defense. Alekhine Variation (D67) · 1-0

Alexander Alekhine vs Hoelscher
Simul, 50b 1933, Amstelveen NED, Nov-03
Spanish Game: Steinitz Defense (C62) · 1-0

Anish Giri vs Ian Nepomniachtchi
Tata Steel Masters 2019, Wijk aan Zee NED, rd 1,
Pirc Defense: General (B07) · 0-1

Bence Nagy vs Peter Marxen
Budapest 2004
The Spanish game

Maxim Dlugy vs Lee Wang-Sheng
New York, USA 1979
Italian Game: Two Knights Defense. Traxler Counterattack Bishop sac line (C57) · 0-1

D Nadler vs J Fritchley
World op New York 1983
Italian game

Vinokur vs Tal
URS-chT Juniors 1954, Leningrad URS
Sicilian Defense: Boleslavsky Variation (B59) · 0-1

Tal won without touching the queen

Janis Mileika vs Mikhail Tal
Latvian Championship, Riga 1953
Benoni Defense: Modern Variation (A60) · 0-1

Tal's King On Steroids
Mikhail Tal vs Jan Timman
Montpellier Candidates Playoff 1985, Montpellier FRA, rd 5,
French Defense: Tarrasch. Closed Variation (C05) · 1-0

Rogelio Antonio Jr vs Thien Hai Dao
2nd Dato' Arthur Tan Malaysian Open 2005, Kuala Lumpur
Sicilian Defense: Canal Attack. Main Line (B52) · 1-0




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