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Avail of the Best Chess Coaching Services in Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia – Chess is considered the gymnasium of the mind and the best way to train for it is through constant practice and a lot of serious mentoring from experienced coaches. Training in chess is not just about winning medals and trophies, but to understand the game and the discipline it entails in order to be a champion at it. This discipline is the advocacy of Chess School SA.

“Millions of chess players have watched and benefited from Mato’s chess lectures and analysis on YouTube. His lively analysis has contributed to popularizing chess tremendously. World’s best coach ever,” says Deepak Rao.

Chess School SA is the leading chess coaching services provider in South Australia that offers private lessons in person and through online avenues for children of different ages. The school also offers a rich variety of chess products from magnetic chess board pieces, the DGT 1001, giant outdoor chess sets, to mahogany chess boards with Sheesham wood pieces.


Online chess lessons are such a phenomenal hit among the school’s clients as it bridges the geographical distance for interested students who are not in South Australia. Via different channels, the school’s highly skilled coaches train children online to win in competitions. The same coaches teach children to strategize in order to rapidly improve their game. Additionally, they are taught the necessary disciplines they need to develop so that they can create their own chess plans and fix their attention on achieving them.


Free chess downloads are available on the website for students who are eyeing to establish their own chess club or mount a tournament in their school. This is the school’s way of encouraging more and more students to discover the many benefits of playing chess. One way for children to train is to be part of a chess club where they can practice religiously and learn from several other team members.

The school’s MatoJelic chess channel also offers a wide variety of free lectures that will help the viewer greatly in understanding the different types of strategies employed by world-renowned players from all over the world. Some of the available free materials teach on the Pirc Defense, Nimzo-Larsen Attack, Queen’s Indian Defense, The Accelerated Dragon, and The Baltic Defense.

For more information, Chess School SA may be reached by phone at (08) 8182 6975 or simply send inquiries to [email protected]. Know more about the company’s services by visiting their website at Their office is located in Salisbury, South Australia.

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