Burnside School Chess R-Y3

Burnside School Chess R-Y3

Novice Chess Group (R-3)

This group meets on Wednesday after school from 3:20-4:20pm

Year level: reception-year 3

Time: 3:20-4:20pm
First Session: 3rd May
Last session: 5th July
Total number: of sessions: 10
Cost: $98 per student
Buy a ticket  (Novice Group)  https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/1154243?




Email support: [email protected]

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Brings People Together
Teaches You How To Win And Lose
Helps Children Realize The Consequences Of Their Actions
Helps Improve Focus
Is An Educational Tool
Develops Creativity
Builds Confidence
Develops Problem-Solving Skills
Exercises The Brain
Helps To Remain Calm Under Pressure


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