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Mato Jelic

Mato Jelic

It’s an honor that you’d like to know more about me. I hope that this page will answer Frequently asked questions by my YouTube subscribers and fans. 

Place of Birth: Drenovci, Croatia. 

Lives in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Rating: Australian Chess Federation Rating (ACF) 2091. 

Language spoken: Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and English. 

Software used for making YouTube Videos is HIARCS and Arena 

Engine used to double-check variants is HIARCS 

Mato gets his material for YouTube movies from Fans and Subscribers, Books and Database. 

Due to popular demand  games are shown (on YouTube) from winners point of view. 

Mato is thankful to fans for offers to play online but will not play (He can’t look at screen for too long) 

Mato’s Favourite Chess Players are: Fischer, Capablanca and Tal. 

Favourite book: Chess: The King Hunt 

Favourite saying: “With our thoughts we create our world” 

Favourite fruit: Mango 

Favourite movies: Ben Hur and Gladiator 

Favourite Sports: Soccer, Karate and Chess 

Favourite Holiday destination: Adriatic Coast of Croatia. 

Favourite City: Adelaide 

Mato has a pet: German Shepherd dog 

What other people say about Mato: https://chessschoolsa.wordpress.com/about-mato-jelic

Mato recommends these books for novice chess players: 

From Chess Novice to Advanced Player in 7 Days
The King Hunt

Mato Jelic is the founder of the Chess School of South Australia

What did other people say about Mato


What Did Other Say About Mato's YouTube videos

John A


I don't usually comment , but you sir have the best chess videos on YouTube . I've seen dozens of other teachers, none of them can compare with your style , so you have earned my respect. Keep doing an amazing job.

Here's a true story. Just over a year ago I stumbled upon Mato's channel and subscribed. At the time I was rated at about 1200. I know this won't sound like much to most people here, but I just surpassed 1650 rating and for me, that is a big deal.
Akhil A K
Mato.. I appreciate your  commentary more than anyone else's. The patient manner in which u narrate the game.. sans any made up excitement, yet managing to thrill us to the best... is the best part ! It's so mature narration. Shows the knowledge of a true chess player who is into the art of chess. ️ I'm sure that once anyone watches any of your game commentaries... he is sold. Such is the beauty or the experience delivered by ur videos.



I was rated 1100 a year ago but now I am rated 1789 and still improving just by watching the games showed by Mato and analyzing them daily for 1-2 hrs. I even won 2nd place in my college blitz chess fest where some strong players rated above 2000 also participated. Thank you, Mato 🙂 you should be the most subscribed channel in chess category.


Dr Studwell


I will admit as a university professor I have shown your chess lectures in my classes even though the class has nothing to do with chess lol


Kyle Suarez 10/3 2019

Your chess videos are the best, Mato. I've improved by over 500 points in the last 4 years thanks to your videos. Keep doing what you're doing, I'll always be a fan. Thanks for everything 🙂


Suleman says:

Thank you for the inspiration and love that you gave us through your chess channel , you not only taught us about the game but also the basic principles of life by relating your own experiences.

I was so influenced by your lessons that I couldn't stop myself from writing this. In my opinion you the best chess coach I could ever have, please never stop making new videos on chess and bye for now.

With Regards

Abdul Suleman

From Assam, India


Sam says:


Everyone loves you!!you made me love chess…with you high manner and positive thinking i learn a lot from not only chess but u teach us how to solve many prbs in life so many thanks from Japan


Michel Hatstatt says:

31/01/2013 at 1:04 pm

Hello Mato.

Thank you for all these videos, you are certainly the most popular. I extremely enjoyed the comments of all those who follow you. I totally agree with the fact that you are the best on the net to produce quality videos that help us enormously to understand a little better the fascinating world of chess.


Dhanashree says:

28/02/2013 at 7:29 pm

Mato Thanks a lot. Your videos have made my kids’ interest in chess so smooth and sweet. All videos and the commentary is soothing and no time to get bored. Its made easy for me to teach chess to my kids even in shortage of time. Also after so many years I got attracted back to chess. Please keep it up!


Gunther Sosna says:

09/06/2013 at 11:38 pm

Mato, you are the best chess teacher every!


Junglehouse says:

15/09/2013 at 2:00 am

Hey there Mato, I enjoy watching my husband play chess. He had me watch one of your videos today and we had a great time with all the different variations you presented. I may be terrible at chess myself, but I think if I watched more of these I may be able to play my husband and at least give him a run for his money! Thanks for all the time you lend to making chess so much fun! gina


Max from Bay Area says:


Really wonderful and inspiring videos — excellent analysis, wry sense of humor, very suspenseful. Thank you for the excellent work!


Gunnar Jørgensen says:



Love your energy, humour and chess inspiration. Bless you, Mato.


Deepak Rao says:


Millions of chess players have watched and benefited from MATO’s chess lectures and analysis on YouTube. His lively analysis has contributed in popularizing chess tremendously. World’s best chess coach ever.

MatoChess Guru