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    Serhii Trystan Posted 14/05/2024 6:20 pm

    Can you please add possibility to print Standings of a tournament?

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    Serhii Trystan Posted 12/05/2024 7:50 pm

    We play basketball tournament. How can I reduce a player’s\team’s points in case of:
    – basketball game lost by forfeit;
    – to correct a mistake of the secretary of the tournament (need to change the result);
    – a decision on the protest on a game of a previous round (need to change the result).

    • blank
      M Posted 12/05/2024 10:40 pm

      Use settings to add points. I don’t think you can remove points.

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    Jim Kalafut Posted 04/05/2024 1:05 pm

    Excellent site! Just a couple of questions:

    – Is there a reference to the difference between “Swiss Dutch FIDE” and “Swiss Dutch Ranked FIDE”? I think the ranked shows things like “1-2”, but I don’t know if there is more going on.
    – I see a player field for “Rating” but is that just for reference (no influence on pairing)?

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    David Walsh Posted 27/09/2023 6:22 am

    When setting the score to Arbitrary the system will not allow for draws. I am try to set it to 3 point for a win and 1 point for a draw. It will not allow the next round to generate with 1-1 score. TIA

  • blank
    Martin W. Posted 01/09/2023 4:08 pm

    How to give seeding for players based on ratings before the start of the first round?

    • blank
      M Posted 01/09/2023 5:45 pm

      You can’t

      • blank
        Martin W . Posted 01/09/2023 9:42 pm

        Any plans to add that functionality?

  • blank
    Jeff Posted 04/06/2023 5:04 pm

    Great tool, thanks very much for building this.
    Would prefer if it can avoid putting multiple Byes to players before all the other players have had a Bye?

  • blank
    Milos Posted 21/02/2023 5:05 pm

    This may be very silly, but I can’t figure out how to give a player a bye for the next round

    • blank
      Mato Posted 21/02/2023 9:14 pm

      Go to Player. Click on Disabled BOX for a player that you wish to have bye before creating the next round.

  • blank
    Richard G. Posted 20/02/2023 8:00 pm

    Direct Encounter in tie break points

  • blank
    Austin Posted 20/12/2022 2:57 am

    Hi Mato, love this tool. One question – if a player suddenly leaves in the middle of a tournament, how would I go about “nulling” them for the rest of the tournament? Ideally, I wouldn’t want players to match up with the absentee only to have to take a bye… let me know if there’s a way to solve this with your tool, thanks!

    • blank
      Austin Posted 20/12/2022 2:58 am

      Also, I’d love to donate but the PayPal button isn’t working at the moment

    • blank
      Mato Jelic Posted 27/01/2023 5:10 pm

      You can delete them in SETINGS

  • blank
    dan31 Posted 22/04/2022 7:20 pm

    Very nice website, easy to use. Is there a feature to generate next rounds with some results missing? Sometimes two players are unable to play say for example round 1, whereas the organizer would like start round 2?

    • blank
      Mato Jelic Posted 22/04/2022 8:53 pm

      If two players are unable to play for example round 1 give them both 0 points and then you will be able to start next round. Then if they can play each other you can give a point to the winner in the setings.

  • blank
    Damian Posted 21/02/2022 5:31 pm

    How to organized players by ranking

    • blank
      Mato Jelic Posted 21/02/2022 11:38 pm

      Just run the normal tournament. After round 1 players would matched with the players with the same number of points.

  • blank
    Michael Messenger Posted 20/07/2021 12:56 am

    What is the difference between buct and buc1? How is that calculated between the 2? Thanks!

    • blank
      Mato Jelic Posted 21/02/2022 11:41 pm

      I am not sure about the details bit if you win agonist a strong opponent then your point is worth more.

    • blank
      dan31 Posted 22/04/2022 8:14 pm

      It seems to me that BucT (second tie) is the sum of the raw scores of the opponents played. Buc 1 (first tie) is the same except that the worst score of the opponents is discarded.

  • blank
    PARTHAK SHARMA Posted 18/04/2021 1:51 am

    One of the best , free and amazing website.
    also just one last request please add how the swiss tournament work like:
    1) Rules
    2) format
    3) how tie break work (specially)
    4) how pairings are done

    THATS ALL i just like the website

  • blank
    Kk Posted 17/02/2021 12:57 pm

    Hlw sir how can we remove the players

    • blank
      Mato Jelic Posted 11/04/2021 11:32 pm

      In settings: click disable

    • blank
      Mato Jelic Posted 02/05/2021 1:15 am

      Go to settings and click disable player

  • blank
    Yasser Posted 27/11/2020 1:47 pm

    Very nice job… Keep it up
    And thanks for this website

    • blank
      Richard G. Posted 20/02/2023 7:54 pm

      One is lacking in tiebreaks points is Direct Encounter

      • blank
        Richard G. Posted 20/02/2023 7:55 pm

        Please put the Direct to complete the tie break points thanks cheers

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