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State Finals

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State (Interschool) Blitz Championship
Host: Tyndale Christian School Fern Grove Boulevard, Salisbury East SA 5109
Date: 27
th of November (Monday) Week 7
Time: 9am-12:30pm
Division: Primary  

“Lightning Chess” Championship.
1. 9 round Tournament
2. Each game is played with just 5 minutes per player
3. Events starts at 9:00 and conclude at 12pm
4. Illegal move looses the game
5. Players are not required to say “Check”

Individual trophies are awarded only to the Top 4 scoring players from each of the 3 highest scoring schools.
Additional medals, if required, can be purchased by winning schools for $15 each from the organiser at the conclusion of the event.

Certificates will be awarded to every player on the following basis:

High Distinction 8 or 9 points
Distinction 5, 6 and 7 points
Participation 4 or below

Host: Tyndale Christian School
Fern Grove Boulevard,
Salisbury East SA 5109
Date: 27th of November 2017
Time: 9am-12pm
Venue: Cafeteria (opposite Library) is the venue for the competition
Cost: only $15 per student
Division: Primary

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You can enter online:

Please email us a list of your players (up to 12) at least one week prior the event

State Finals

Venue: Tyndale Christian School Fern Grove Boulevard, Salisbury East SA 5109           
Date: Date: 30th  of October (Monday) Week 3

On the same day we will have Adelaide North Secondary Championship.
This will be a separate event.

Results: State finals 2017

Best Girl Player:  Stella Kardasova

Fair Play and Sportsmanship: REDEEMER LUTHERAN SCHOOL

Best Player: Boris Glushkov

Team Standings

Place Name                           Score

  1   A PUSHKIN RUSSIAN  SCHOOL      32   
  2   BURNSIDE PRIMARY SCHOOL        26   
  3   GLENELG PRIMARY SCHOOL         24.5

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Results: Adelaide North Super Finals 2017

Best Girl Player: Maya Tripodi

Fair Play and Sportsmanship: TYNDALE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL

Best Player: Tony Dang

Club Standings

Place Name                      Score

  1   ENDEAVOUR COLEGE          26   

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