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  Benefits of having a Chess Coach 

               Mato Jelic                      

Our Chess Coaches will help students  to rapidly improve their  game by working on chess openings and strategies that are best suited for them. A coach can spot students strength and weaknesses and help to improve in those weak areas. Exercises are designed and suggested to help strengthen the weak points of a student’s game. Study books and software are offered  too. 

There are many benefits of having a chess coach.
Coach will help you to:

Develop chess skills through repetition of patterns
Develop a chess playing style
Set chess goals and develop a plan to achieve these goals
Improve your weaknesses
Develop good tournament strategies
Develop a sound opening repertoire
Keep you motivated before or during a tournament or match
Keep you focused on the game and help you stay calm if you fail

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“You will have to lose hundred of games before you become a good player” Jose Raul Capablanca