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Kerry says:
The best chess videos on Youtube. Super instructive, concise, and entertaining, MatoJelic is a brilliant chess commentator. Thanks for helping me to improve my game, and also for the many hours of pure chess enjoyment Iíve received from watching your videos!

Somanshu says:
The best chess videos ever short and sweet ..increased my rating because of mato

Steve says:
Best chess lecture videos Iíve ever seen so interesting and informative I had quit competitive chess when I was 14 with and had a 1492 rating Iím 22 now replaying competitively and in the year Iíve been back my rating is now 1740!!! Mato has made studying chess more fun and easier for me.


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Judit Polgar

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Tal: greatest attacking Grandmaster

Michael Tal

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Learn from Bobby Fischer's games

Bobby Fischer

Magnus Carlsen

Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov

        Viswanathan Anand

      Hikaru Nakamura

        Zurich Candidates Tournament 1953  


          World Chess Championship 2012
         Anand vs Gelfand 2012

         Anand vs Carlsen-WCC 2013
             Carlsen v Anand 2013

             Women Chess Masters
              Alexandra Botez

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