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About Mato

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Itís an honour that youíd like to know more about me.

I hope that this page will answer Frequently asked questions

by my YouTube subscribers and fans.

Place of Birth: Drenovci, Croatia

Lives in Adelaide, South Australia

Rating: Australian Chess Federation Rating (ACF) 2091

Language spoken: Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and English

Software used for making YouTube Videos is HIARCS and Arena

Engine used to double-check variants is HIARCS

Mato gets his material for YouTube movies from Fans and Subscribers, Books and Database.

Due to popular demand  games are shown (on YouTube) from winners point of view

Mato is thankful to fans for offers to play online but will not play (He canít look at screen for too long)

Matoís Favourite Chess Players are: Fischer, Capablanca and Tal

Favourite book: Chess: The King Hunt

Favourite saying: "With our thoughts we create our world"

Favourite fruit: Mango

Favourite movies: Ben Hur and Gladiator

Favourite Sports: Soccer, Karate and Chess

Favourite Holiday destination: Adriatic Coast of Croatia.

Favourite City: Adelaide

Mato has a pet: German Shepherd dog

What other people say about Mato:

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The King Hunt

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